Customers rely on real-time data. If you’re not delivering it, your time is running out

Don't let your infrastructure hold you back: Tune in and learn how provide a next-gen service

Webinar Whether they know it or not, your customers increasingly rely on real-time applications, whether that's to book an Uber, customize a playlist, or to feed IoT systems or train AI.

So if you're not already using and delivering real time data, what exactly is holding you back? You may think that your legacy infrastructure just isn't adaptable to real time. Or that your people aren't able to make the switch. Or that you're simply not ready for the step up in speed real time could bring.

But there are other options out there, that can deliver real time capability without junking your existing infrastructure.

So if you want to make the jump from marking time to real time, you should join our upcoming webinar, Deliver Applications Using Real-Time Data, on March 31 at 11:00 BST / 12:00 CET.

Our own time-rich host Tim Phillips will be joined by DataStax' Michel de Ru to discuss how legacy infrastructure needn't be an impediment to delivering next-generation apps.

They'll talk you through how you can identify and spell out your use case for real-time data, and help you pick through the real and imagined challenges of delivering real-time apps using legacy data.

And they'll show you a path to creating the real-time applications your customers want, without junking your legacy infrastructure, by leveraging the cloud.

The fact is, you haven't got time to hang around when it comes to meeting your customers' expectations. So, why not head here, and drop in a few details. We'll remind you on the day, and before you know it, you'll be speeding your way to a real-time future.

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