Should you follow the crowd when you’re heading to the cloud?

First, find out what the crowd is doing, by tuning into this session

Webinar When it comes to the cloud, you don’t have do what everyone else does. But knowing what’s happening out there isn’t going to hurt.

Afterall, with research from Nutanix showing multi-cloud is set to be the dominant architecture within the next few years, it’s useful to know how other organizations are dealing with challenges around security and data integration.

And while the direction of travel may be clear, the reasons why organizations take a given path can differ, from enabling collaboration, supporting business continuity, or simply boosting raw performance.

So, if you want to put your own cloud strategy in context you should join this upcoming webinar, What’s Ahead for Global Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Environments, on April 6 at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 BST.)

Your host will be Situation Publishing’s deputy editor in chief, Nicole Hemsoth, and she’ll be joined by Nutanix senior director Greg White, to discuss just how businesses worldwide are resetting their IT operations and shaping them for the future.

Drawing on the latest research, and expansive real-world experience, they’ll give you an insight into how businesses are working through cloud, and multi-cloud, adoption.

And they’ll get deep into what’s really happening around key topics like application mobility, cloud ops security and containerization.

There’s a myriad of key information here, but all you need to do to access it is head to the registration page and drop in a few details. We’ll update your calendar and remind you on the day. What you do in the future, and in the cloud, is down to you.

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