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Real-time data analytics firm Tinybird nets $37m in Series A

Millions of rows per second in real time, so the legend goes...

A data analytics company claiming to be able to process millions of rows per second, in real time, has just closed out a Series A funding round to take-in $37 million.

Tinybird raised the funds via investors Crane Ventures, Datadog CPO Amit Agarwal, and Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch, along with new investments from CRV and Singular Ventures.

Tinybird's Stephane Cornille, said the company plans to use the funds to expand into new regions, build connectors for additional cloud providers, create new ways for users to build their own connectors, provide tighter Git integration, Schema management and migrations, and better defaults and easier materialization.

Tinybird's seed funding round in 2021 raised $3 million toward its goal of building a product that ingests data in real time, turns it into SQL, and automatically builds a production-ready API ready to be rolled out into live environments. As an added perk, API transformations happen on the fly, ensuring that the latest data is always represented.

The data transformation process can be guided through pipes that are inspired by Python Notebooks made in Jupyter that "reduce complexity without sacrificing performance." It can take data from plenty of different places: databases, CSV files, data streams and data warehouses, and particular instances in Amazon S3, Kafka, Google Cloud, and Snowflake.

The startup has put its R&D zeal into real-time analytics APIs aimed at being "buildable in minutes" with processing done on the fly using data that's already been transformed at the place its stored, meaning all the system has to do when prompted with a query is look at data it has already collected. 

Tinybird cites customers Vercel, Situm, and The Hotels Network, which used it to build a real-time business intelligence dashboard that provides up-to-the-moment feedback. Other use cases include operational intelligence that pulls data from multiple sources into one real-time dashboard, real-time usage-based billing, real-time personalization for users, and faster anomaly detection.

Like any cloud service worth its price, Tinybird manages infrastructure for its customers and has a free service tier, which offers up to 1,000 requests per day and 10GB of storage per workspace per month.

Paying customers are only charged for the amount of data processed and stored, which is billed at $0.07 per GB and $0.34 per GB, billed monthly, respectively with the expected enterprise volume options. ®

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