A desktop-as-a-service solution isn’t enough. You need an actual strategy

This online session shows you what that looks like

Webinar How were you managing end-user computing two years ago? And where were your end users consuming it? Whether it worked or not back then, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever return to that setup.

Stop gap measures might have sufficed when the world turned upside down in early 2020. But as you contemplate a future where workforces are dispersed by default, you need to put in place a long-term end-user computing strategy that takes that into account, and delivers a consistent service and a consistent set of applications.

That strategy needs to be flexible enough to grow with whatever workloads your organisation adopts in the future – and secure wherever your users happen to be working from.

So how do you start evolving this strategy? By joining this upcoming webinar, Strategically Securing and Enabling Business from Anywhere, on April 19 at 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm BST.)

Situation Publishing’s Nicole Hemsoth will be joined by Ruben Spruijt, a senior technologist at Nutanix who is responsible for driving that firm’s end-user computing vision.

They’ll be discussing how to ensure that end user computing is more flexible, protected, and manageable than ever.

And they’ll explain how Nutanix Frame offers the opportunity to run any software in your browser, which puts it in a unique place in the desktop as a service ecosystem.

Joining this conversation is refreshingly straightforward. Just head here, register, and you’re on the list. We’ll even remind on the day. Then all you need to do is join us on the day, whether you’re in the office, at home, on the road, or … well, you get the idea.

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