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Google Cloud launches exclusive AI management platform wants to 'democratize machine learning innovation' for smaller organizations

Google Cloud is offering users access to an AI platform that allows them to build, deploy, and manage AI projects in the cloud without needing extensive data science knowledge. has been built on Google Cloud itself and is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace as the first pay-as-you-go AI management platform, according to a blog post from CEO Tuncay Isik.

Isik said the platform has been created to bring the benefits of AI and machine learning to smaller organisations, for whom adopting AI can be a daunting challenge if you lack the skills and resources available to Fortune 500 businesses.

"My team of data scientists saw a real need for software that could democratize machine learning innovation by removing these common barriers," he said in a statement.

The platform also includes lifecycle management capabilities to monitor infrastructure utilization and model behavior.

According to, the intuitive user interface and predictive analytics in its platform allow users to get set up in minutes and have models up and running in three to four weeks, as opposed to months for existing ways to build and deploy machine learning models.

However, this assumes that you have the data for training your AI or machine learning model already stored in the Google Cloud platform as it is designed to link with data in storage buckets or a SQL data source like BigQuery. Once data is imported, users can apply their own models inside, or use the platform to build a bespoke model.

The platform automates AI project tasks such as training and prediction to reduce time-consuming manual operations, according to Isik. This automation covers the production pipeline and includes features like AutoML and a scheduler for recurring tasks.

As well as supporting the deployment of AI and ML models, provides the ability to monitor its own infrastructure to track resource utilization, and also monitor model behavior to help users understand data changes over time, according to the firm. operates on a pay-as-you-go model with no long-term contracts, licensing, or per-user fees, according to Isik. As it is integrated with Google Cloud, expenditures on's platform are applied toward each customer's Google Cloud spend commitments. ®

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