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Accenture announces 'Accenture Song' – not a tune, but a rebrand

To deliver post-pandemic accelerated metaverse continuum experience consultancy. Or something

If you want to place a bet on the winner of 2022's weirdest corporate rebranding, here's one likely to make the shortlist: an announcement titled "Accenture Announces Accenture Song".

No, dear reader, that missive does not mean that Accenture has penned a corporate anthem. Which is a shame because The Register quite fancies the notion that the consulting firm's ~700,000 employees might be asked to start their working days with a rousing rendition of a company song, hands on hearts, before turning their minds to value-adding strategic consultancy.

Rather, the title serves to announce that Accenture Interactive – the limb of the organization dedicated to technology implementation – has renamed itself Accenture Song.

[Language warning: severe jargon]

"The name Accenture Song conveys an enduring and universal form of human craft, connection, inspiration, technical prowess and experience – unleashing the imagination and ideas of its people to deliver tangible results," the announcement states.

CEO and creative chairman David Droga's canned quote suggests the new name "symbolizes the post-pandemic growth journey we're on with our clients." We're assuming the name "Accenture Post-Pandemic" didn't test well with focus groups.

Julie Sweet, company chair and chief executive officer, weighed in with the view that "Accenture Song is uniquely operating at the intersection of creativity, technology, intelligence and industry," which sounds like a heck of a complicated intersection – hopefully well-signposted, "to help our clients reinvent connections and meaningful experiences, including in the metaverse continuum, sales, commerce, marketing and new business platforms."

Just how naming itself after songs makes a jot of difference to anything the company does was not explained.

This stuff would be laughable, save for the fact that Accenture Song is on track to become a $14 billion business.

Accenture Song Logo

Accenture Song’s logo. Click to enlarge

Sadly, the rationale behind Accenture Song's logo has not been detailed. The word "song" adds a little bluish gradient to the purple hues Accenture itself uses for its logo.

Does that mean Accenture Song will give you the blues? Or plays the blues? Or practices blue-sky thinking? Or operates across a wider spectrum than Accenture? Feel free to share your interpretations in the comments. ®

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