Cloud costs a continuous headache? Consider continuous optimization instead

Find out how it works with this online session

Webinar Moving to the cloud frees you from the headache of planning your capacity needs and capex costs years in advance. Unfortunately, it can also mean you’re thinking about capacity needs and costs on a monthly, or even daily basis.

That’s because if you don’t anticipate your needs correctly, you could end up running out of reserved capacity, and paying over the odds for on-demand capacity. The only thing worse than this? Paying for reserved capacity, and then not actually using it.

And all of this is a distraction from your real job – focusing on the applications that will make your business money and keep your users happy. In which case you should join our upcoming webinar, Automation in the Cloud, on May 10 at 1100 BST.

Our own fully automated Tim Phillips will be joined by Kevin McGrath from Spot, and CloudBridge’s Adam Thornton, to discuss how you can reduce toil and save costs with Continuous Optimization.

They’ll show you how to get a grip on what suboptimal cloud management infrastructure could be costing you. (Hint, probably more than you think.)

And they’ll explain how Spot by NetApp can continually optimize your cloud infrastructure using AI/ML, and how you can setup and manage automated cost optimization yourself.

The net result? Better, more efficient use of the cloud, but also an application team that can get back to thinking about their applications, not what they’re costing.

All you need to do is head here, register, and tune in on the day. We’ll even update your diary and give you a nudge just before kickoff. And if you can rely on technology to do that, why wouldn’t you trust it to manage your cloud costs.

Sponsored by NetApp.

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