Storage should be driving itself, not driving you nuts

Learn how to kickstart self-driving data management here

Webinar We’re used to hearing about autonomous vehicles or autonomous systems. But there’s a problem. None of this is happening without a speedy stream of accurate data drawn from increasingly complex storage systems.

But while storage admins are bogged down in repetitive, manual admin tasks this will be difficult to deliver. In fact, as long as the admin problem grows unsolved, time and budget will leak away, when it could be directed to innovation.

What’s needed is autonomous data management. But what does that even look like? Well, you can find out by joining our upcoming webinar, Self-driving Data Management, on 11 May at 1100 BST (1200 CEST.)

Our own, totally autonomous, host Tim Phillips will be joined by Mark Walsh, of Tintri, and South Eastern HSC Trust’s Darren Henderson, to discuss how to not just automate storage management, but to make it autonomous.

In fact, Mark will put the case that with the right tools, it’s possible to eliminate 95 percent of storage admin drudgery.

Together, they’ll discuss the very real frustrations that managing storage can entail and delve into the underlying causes.

But they’ll also detail the benefits that autonomous data management can deliver. And they’ll illustrate this by talking through a real world implementation.

If storage admin is getting you down, this is just the pickup you need. And all you need to do to tune in is head here and drop in a few details. You’ll even get a gentle reminder on the day. In fact, this could be the one storage related task you’ll actually want to repeat.

Sponsored by Tintri.

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