When’s the best time to extract value from your data? In real time, of course

Because you never step in the same data stream twice…

Webinar Do you ever get the feeling that your organization has data coming out of its ears, yet you still struggle to see what value it’s delivering?

That’s because while your legacy systems might allow you to generate and save masses of information, they’re rarely able to support the processing of that data in real time.

And that’s going to hurt your business. Whether you’re analyzing customer preferences to deliver just the right two for one offer or applying machine learning to spot fraud or make credit decisions, anything less than right now is too late.

Which is precisely why you should join our upcoming webinar, Streaming business critical data in real time, on May 25 at 11am BST.

Our own Tim Phillips will be joined by DataStax’s Jorgen Slings and they’ll show how real-time event streams can unlock value in your business.

They’ll explain how DataStax’s change data capture technology works, and how it can help you share critical business data in real time. This will be the launchpad for discussing how you can evolve your architecture to become a full-fledged data innovator.

And while hearing about capturing and exploiting data in real time is great, seeing it happen in real time is even better, so they’ll be performing a live demo on the day.

All you need to do is to head here and drop in a little data ahead of time. We’ll update your diary and gently nudge you on the day. Because a little bit of your valuable time now can help you unlock the value of real time for the future.

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