Of course you want your data infra to stay on-prem. You just wish it felt like the cloud

Find out what storage-as-a-service should look like with this session

Webinar There’s a reason why 70 percent of enterprise apps and data are still resolutely held on prem.

Despite the promises of general cloud providers and storage as a service upstarts, security and latency concerns mean few enterprises are ready to give up on their traditional on-prem solutions.

Yet it’s clear that those same enterprises still hanker after the flexibility, scalability, and predictability that a cloud-like model promises – even it doesn’t quite deliver.

Is there a way to square this circle, and ensure the agility and availability of the cloud, with the security and resiliency that on-prem offers? Well, there is, and you can find out what it looks like by joining our upcoming webcast, The promise of on-prem storage-as-a-service, on June 14 at 1200 EST (1700 BST.)

Our own Tim Phillips will be joined by HPE’s Simon Watkins and Matthias Popp, to discuss how you can, finally, make data infrastructure invisible – effectively.

They’ll be discussing what’s driving the market as a whole, what customers really need from storage-as-a-service (STaaS), and why current offerings rarely deliver.

And they’ll explain how you should weight up STaaS offerings – both when comparing between specialist vendors, and against the public cloud.

Finally, they’ll explain how HPE GreenLake for Block Storage turns preconceptions about STaaS on their head, delivering the agility, flexibility and price you’ve been waiting for.

To access this valuable information as a service, just head here and drop in a few details. We’ll remind you on the day, so you won’t miss the chance to tune in and see what data infrastructure looks like when it’s invisible.

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