Data is the heart of your business. So why is it holding you back so much?

Find out what you’re missing when it comes to storage-as-a-service

Webinar Traditional on-prem storage remains complicated, too manual, and simultaneously expensive and difficult to scale. The cloud, too often, doesn’t assuage enterprise concerns around latency, and even more importantly, security.

Storage-as-a-service promises the flexibility, scalability and pay-as-you go ability of the public cloud, but remains expensive, and complex.

Is there a way to square this circle, and ensure the agility and availability of the cloud, while still enjoying the security and resiliency that on-prem offers? Well, there is and you can find out what it looks like by joining our upcoming webcast, The promise of on-prem storage-as-a-service, on June 14 at 1200 ET (1700 BST.)

Our own Tim Phillips will be joined by HPE’s Simon Watkins and Matthias Popp to discuss how you can, finally, make data infrastructure invisible – effectively.

They’ll be discussing what’s driving the market as a whole, what customers really need from storage-as-a-service (STaaS), and why current offerings rarely deliver it.

And they’ll explain how you should compare STaaS offerings – both between specialist vendors, and against the public cloud.

Finally, they’ll explain how HPE GreenLake for Block Storage turns preconceptions about STaaS on their head, delivering the agility, flexibility and price you’ve been waiting for.

You can tap into all this knowledge from the prem of your choice thanks to the magic of the cloud. Just head here, drop in a few details, and you’re on your way. If only managing storage was that easy. Well, maybe you’ll find it is.

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