Ansys HPC: Supporting engineering simulation at scale

Don't let lack of compute power impact model design and time to market

Sponsored Post The ability to create detailed computer simulation models involving large systems, complex physics and intricate patterns is critical for design and engineering firms building new products and testing them in real world operating environments.

But without the processing muscle to do it, many companies fall short of their ambitions or encounter delays which hamper commercial time to market.

A survey sponsored by engineering simulation provider Ansys found that anything up to 75 percent of engineers waste time defeaturing or simplifying their simulation models because they don't have available compute capacity to turn them around within the required timescale. That means some are unable to add valuable engineering work into the mix, resulting in 53 percent getting low-fidelity results more than half of the time.

Over a fifth (21 percent) of engineers also report that their most frequent simulations take more than nine hours to complete. Those timescales could be significantly reduced by giving designers, engineers and analysts access to HPC resources with greater power and capacity than their desktop PCs and workstations typically provide.

Every doubling of the CPU core count can cut the time to solution by half for certain types of simulation.

Alongside other HPC licensing options, Ansys HPC Pack is designed to provide virtually unlimited HPC resources at a fixed incremental cost, offering companies the flexibility to scale up to whatever computational level of simulation they require.

Designers, analysts and engineers that want to see just how much quicker their simulations can be processed can try Ansys HPC free for 30 days – click here to sign up.

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