Disaster management needs a well-planned pipeline

Find out what that looks like by listening into our webinar

Webinar Modern development techniques mean software releases and upgrades are delivered and deployed faster than ever. Continuously even.

But even with the smartest dev team, most knowledgeable ops team, and remorselessly efficient workflow, there are going to be occasional problems, and sometimes disasters. And they're not going to come during regular office hours.

So, your remediation and recovery procedures for such "incidents" need to be every bit as agile, efficient and automated as your development and deployment operations. The right people need to be alerted to solve the problem, and everyone else needs to be kept up to date on progress towards a resolution.

But how do you ensure your incident management pipeline is as foolproof as your development pipeline? Well, for a start, you can join our upcoming webinar, "The Impact of Automating Incident Response" on June 22 at 1pm.

The master of ceremonies will be our own Tim Phillips. He'll be joined by Franz Kjartansson of Nordic IT services group Advania Ísland who will be explaining how his organization is automating incident response, with additional input from Everbridge's Paul Porter.

Together they'll chew over the question of "who is picking up that message?" But they'll also explain how process automation can improve remediation, saving both cost and, equally importantly, precious time.

They'll show you how you can automate incident response for your operations team, and how to implement automated communications, including escalations and updates.

Joining is almost an automated process in itself. Just head here and drop in a few details, and you're in. We'll even update your calendar and remind you on the day. Afterall, the key is to not just escalate, but to automate.

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