Want your data flowing to every part of your company? You need to get it to the cloud first

Join this webinar to hear how HCI can help

Webinar Your database is the heart of your enterprise. Or should that be databases? The fact is, with data exploding and the proliferation of database and analytics engines, the database world has never been more diverse.

Which means traditional SAN-based architectures are becoming ever more limiting. To put it kindly. It's not just that they can act as a hardware bottleneck. They can also work against the need for data to flow wherever it needs to flow – such as into the cloud.

That's why many companies are turning to highly converged infrastructure to power their databases not just on prem, but in the cloud too.

If you want to know what this different way of doing things could mean for you, you should join our upcoming webinar, "Why HCI is a Good Bet for Database Workloads", on June 28, at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm BST.

Our own highly converged commercial editor Martin Courtney will be joined by Nutanix senior solutions manager Maggie Smith, and senior product marketing manager, Allan Waters.

They'll be discussing why increasing numbers of customers are turning to hyperconverged platforms for database deployments, and how they're achieving this.

The three of them will examine the benefits of running databases on Nutanix' Hyperconverged Cloud Platform when it comes to hybrid multi-clouds.

And they'll also show you how the Nutanix Cloud Platform can help you address a raft of common, and not so common, database management issues.

Whatever your database management challenges are, signing up for this session is straightforward. Just head here, drop in a few details and you're in. If only running your data ops was so straightforward. Well, maybe it can be.

Sponsored by Nutanix.

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