The importance of unifying database backup and recovery…

...and why you don’t necessarily need the help of specialist DBAs

Webinar Database backup tools can sometimes lack user friendliness, so much so that many employees avoid using them and put responsibility for replicating and retrieving mission critical data onto dedicated DBAs.

The subsequent delay can seriously impact individual and organizational productivity, and leave staff guessing whether information is being replicated and stored in a proper, safe manner that meets stringent data protection regulation.

Join the Reg's Martin Courtney and Rubrik Field CTO Nicolas Groh to discuss these issues in our upcoming webinar at 12pm PT on July 6th. Martin and Nicholas will discuss the challenges companies face in maintaining a balance between visibility and control, and consider how a modern backup and recovery platform should orchestrate the protection of databases hosted both on-prem and in the cloud.

Nicholas will also delve deeper into Rubrik's SAP HANA and NoSQL Protect product to show how it delivers enough visibility, centralized monitoring and reporting to give generalist employees confidence that data is being in stored in line with business SLAs.

To hear more on what he has to say head here to access more detail and register for the webinar.

Sponsored by Rubrik.

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