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Database backup and protection made simple

How Rubrik delivers fast, easy access for all

Webinar SAP HANA has become the database of choice for many enterprises, particularly those running real time data analytics to gain critical insights into their performance and business operations.

Making sure those data sets are properly backed up and protected is a top priority. But the problem is often a mismatch between the tools available to access stored data and the differing needs of specialist DBAs compared to generalist backup and infrastructure staff, all of which need varying levels of visibility and control.

Join our webinar at 10am PT / 1pm ET on 6th July to hear how Rubrik for SAP HANA provides a single software solution which automates and unifies the protection of SAP HANA environments across both on-prem and cloud platforms in a way that satisfies both sides of the operational divide.

In conversation with the Register Commercial Editor Martin Courtney, Rubrik Field CTO Nicolas Groh will demonstrate how the product improves visibility into backups with centralised monitoring and accelerates their recovery whilst simultaneously protecting them from ransomware attacks.

Head here to see more detail and register for our upcoming webinar at 8pm on July 6th.

Sponsored by Rubrik.

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