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Futurist Keynote: Linda Grasso, July 19

Sponsored Post Technology can be miraculous. But only if it's applied and used responsibly and sustainably.

How are business executives supposed to weigh up these issues when it comes to both choosing and implementing existing technologies, and deciding where to innovate in the future?

These are the issues that the next speaker in Lenovo, Nutanix and Intel®'s ground-breaking keynote series, Smarter Technology for the Next Reality, will be tackling.

Linda Grasso will be taking the (virtual) stage on July 19 at 1pm London time. Linda is a true allrounder: an engineer, digital creator, influencer and sustainability advocate. She is also the founder and CEO of DeltalogiX, a digital transformation insights hub and community, focused on knowledge translation for business leaders.

Linda aims to help executives make informed choices by offering a "clear and immediate vision of a technology, software, or process" and how it might fit into a business.

Her ideas span digital transformation, AI, cybersecurity, IoT, automation and sustainability, using a mix of vivid infographics and insightful copy.

If you want to whet your appetite for this latest keynote, why not check the previous sessions in the Smarter Technology for the Next Reality series brought to you by Lenovo, Nutanix and Intel®.

You can hear futurist Shivvy Jervis explain the need for human-led innovation, with a particular focus on the intersection of digital advances, scientific developments, and psychology.

Or you can listen to Sue Black, Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist in the Department of Computer Science at Durham University, detail her own experience with technology, the Internet and the cloud, highlighting how they have changed her life for the better and can change yours too.

All of us – whether technical leaders, CIOs, engineers, or non-technical business leaders - need to have a grasp of both technology and its effects on people. This series will give you both, leaving you better positioned to thrive the next reality.

Registering means you'll also gain access to a raft of other material, from analyst reports, white papers, infographics, and customer stories that will help put the future in context.

So why not head here and register today and start getting your organization ready for tomorrow.

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