DevOps is great for delivering software. Now, what about delivering value?

Let us draw you a map

Sponsored Post Ultimately, it's your organization's ability to create, assess and deliver value that decides whether or not it thrives. And while DevOps has done wonders for how software development projects are conceived and delivered, every organization knows there's more to success than simply delivering technology faster.

That's what makes value stream management (VSM) so crucial. By viewing and monitoring the software lifecycle from start to finish in line with business objectives, organizations can accelerate their value add – not just delivery – across the entire organization.

The aim of VSM is to identify waste, bottlenecks and friction within the development process while identifying opportunities to increase value. For example, it can be easy to skip over documentation or change management procedures in a bid to "get the job done," only for these quick fixes to manifest themselves as more severe problems later on.

Essential to the process is identifying the silos across the organization and normalizing and consolidating information from the various tools utilized. This can then be used to create dashboards or feed information to BI tools.

Executives, business leaders and technical teams can then all have a common view of the value streams they are working to deliver. This means problems at a silo level – like excessive errors for example – can be flagged so that appropriate action such as putting more resources into rigorous testing can be taken.

That's why Micro Focus, with its intimate knowledge of legacy software platforms and VSM expertise, has created its ValueEdge™ Platform. ValueEdge™ delivers end-to-end value stream management by providing a flexible, cloud-based platform that powers the entire software product lifecycle, from strategy to delivery.

This AI-powered platform seamlessly works with existing commercial and open-source software development tools to align strategic business objectives with software resource investment. It optimizes production efficiency, mitigates risk, and maximizes ROI across an organization.

The flexible design lets customers chose a single ValueEdge™ service or the entire platform that can be customized to meet any organization's unique needs.

ValueEdge™ allows you to take your DevOps metrics beyond simply managing delivery so you can use them to identify problems, direct projects, and allocate resources more effectively. The result is a DevOps pipeline that is integrated with your overall business strategy.

So, if you want to embark on a digital transformation journey that focuses on delivering value, and not just buzzwords, make sure you're starting with the right map. Head here and find out more.

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