Get a grip on the biggest data challenges, and the technologies that will solve them

Open Storage Summit serves up array of August speakers…and September speakers too

Sponsored Post Modern business has an unquenchable thirst for data infrastructure, whether it's to feed AI and advanced analytics, enable cloud-storage, or support decentralized workforces.

This has driven a stream of innovations in data storage, and its application in the data center, such as ultra-high performance all-flash hot-tiers, large scale object storage, and innovative software defined solutions.

So how do you ensure that you're keeping abreast of the latest storage techniques and the disruptive advances in technology that are enabling them? And how do you work out which of them are the best fit for your own operation – now and in the future?

By joining the third annual Open Storage Summit, that's how. Supermicro will bring together data specialists, and data center application professionals, as well as partners including Intel, Nvidia, Nutanix, AMD and Kioxia, in a series of sessions from August 17 to September 7.

Proceedings kick off on August 17 at 6pm, with a roundtable keynote session to set the scene. Subsequent spotlight sessions will take you deep into key storage challenges and highlight the technologies and techniques to solve them.

These include hyperconverged infrastructure, on August 23, and scale out storage for enterprise for enterprise applications on August 25. On August 30, you can take a deep dive into Redis Enterprise Cluster for Real Time Applications.

Supermicro and friends will dive into HPC parallel file systems for GPU workloads on September 1, while the series wraps up with a look at open-source storage technology for the masses on September 7.

To sign up, all you need to do is head here and register. You'll be heading into autumn better informed about the storage landscape now and in the future. And that could make all the difference to own organization's prospects.

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