Any app, anywhere, providing you’ve got the right storage

The digital workspace world demands flexible, high performance storage architectures that don’t leave end users waiting

Sponsored Post Different organizations have different requirements around application/data security and compliance that dictate which workloads they keep on-prem and which they move into off-prem cloud locations. But all face the same challenge in deciding on the best storage architecture for the job, irrespective of where it's hosted.

Join The Register 's Commercial Editor Martin Courtney in conversation with Tarkan Maner from Nutanix and Vik Malyala from Supermicro as they discuss the need for hybrid multi-cloud storage provision in this session at the Supermicro Open Storage Summit on 23rd August.

Tarkan and Vik will outline how Nutanix and Supermicro are working together to build low-latency, high performance storage solutions purposely designed to span private, public and hybrid cloud environments which enable companies to efficiently provision any app or workload from any location.

It's not just about the technology either. Being cloud and partner agnostic requires a corporate philosophy that puts the customer first and finds the right balance between price, performance and energy efficiency.

Head here to register and find out more, you won't be disappointed.

Sponsored by Supermicro.

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