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Tencent Cloud expands CDN using its own security tools

Cloudflare may well feel flattered by this offering

Tencent Cloud has upgraded its edge cloud service with a suite of security services the company says power its own operations, and says it will expose more of its core services as products in future.

The Chinese giant launched the RT-ONE service in 2021, to support its Zoom-like VooV collaboration suite and messaging services, and provide a general purpose content delivery network (CDN).

Last week the company launched Tencent Cloud EdgeOne to add security services to RT-ONE.

EdgeOne offers anti-DDoS protection, a web application firewall, bot management, and adaptive rate-limiting of traffic.

Content caching at the edge is another inclusion, in harness with load balancing to ensure that no one node is flooded by user demands. Buyers can also access something Tencent Cloud describes as "acceleration services to the global market." We think that means moving content into those edge caches – of which Tencent Cloud claims to operate 2,800 around the globe.

Protection of traffic at layer-3 (Network), layer-4 (Transport), layer-7 (Application) is another feature, as is a stable DNS service claimed to further reduce latency.

If all of the above sounds familiar, you may be a Cloudflare customer or use another CDN – because EdgeOne has quite a lot of overlap with such established internet-grooming services.

Poshu Yeung, Tencent Cloud's senior vice president, said EdgeOne puts "Tencent's own security business operation experience of serving one billion users" in customers' hands. "We are excited to see how Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides users an unprecedented, high-quality and highly reliable network experience as they safeguard their security at the same time," he gushed in a canned quote.

Tencent Cloud's announcement of EdgeOne suggests more of the cloud's core tools will be offered as-a-service in future.

"Tencent Cloud aims to continue exporting high-level security capabilities, providing global partners with safe, stable, extremely fast, and professional edge-integrated security services, and reliably assisting enterprises in their digital journey," the document states. ®

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