Moving to SAP in the cloud is a good thing. But is it a good thing for you, right now?

Are you ready? Here's how to find out

Sponsored Post What's a good reason for moving an SAP installation to the cloud? Let's be more specific, what's a good reason for moving your SAP installation to the cloud?

Reduced cost is probably a sound reason. Increased security can only be a good thing right? The possibility of rationalizing a legacy setup, or conversely, adopting new modules or technologies? It's all progress, right?

But migrating because everyone is doing it? Not such a good reason, particularly if you're a manufacturing SME whose systems are underpinned by SAP.

That's why it essential to be clear about not just why you're heading to cloud, but how ready you are to make that leap. Otherwise, you risk unfeasibly long migration times, leading to downtime, unrealised benefits, runaway costs or…well, let's just say much worse.

So, to get off on the right foot, your first step should be a cloud migration cost and readiness assessment, courtesy of our friends at highly experienced SAP consultancy, Absoft.

The aim of this free exercise is not to tell you the cloud will solve all your problems.

Rather, it aims to examine your own specific landscape and needs. That way, it can pinpoint the reasons why YOU should move to the cloud. Then Absoft's experts can put together a project timeline, lay out a project roadmap, and show you what the migration will cost. And crucially, identify the benefits you'll actually stand to gain from the move.

Just as important, it will save from two potential pitfalls: jumping into a project without establishing the business case, and without the right partner for your journey; or postponing the move because of the possibly unjustified fear that costs are unjustifiable or the timeline – and downtime – not sustainable.

Yes, it might show that you're ready to make the leap right now. Alternatively, you'll know exactly what you need to work on or refine before you kick off the journey in earnest. Either way, you'll be better placed to land in the cloud, rather than being stranded somewhere en route. So, why not start your SAP cloud journey by heading here, right now.

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