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Close the loop at Open Storage Summit

Sponsored post It stands to reason that as enterprise apps get ever bigger and demand ever more data, storage infrastructure has to scale accordingly.

It's become clear that software defined storage incorporating all-flash arrays, sophisticated data management tools, multi-thread CPUs, and large complements of memory, offer the best solution to the challenge.

But who should take the lead in building these systems? And what do storage architects need to know as they select the hardware and software that should be underpinning their strategy?

You can get a grip on all these issues by joining this Open Storage Summit session, Storage Intelligence for Data Growth, on August 25 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

The Register's Timothy Prickett Morgan will be joined by Dilip Ramachandran, Sr. Director of Marketing at AMD, Devon Helms, Director of product marketing at Qumulo, and Matthew Thauberger, Supermicro's vice president of strategy and business dev.

They'll be picking apart the scale of the challenge facing organizations when it comes to coping with stupendous data growth, as well as catering for the applications and workloads that are causing it.

They'll also break down the key considerations for customers when it comes to choosing the underlying hardware and software for their SDS setups, and consider how systems can be optimised for both on-prem and cloud requirements. And they'll explain how they're all working together to solve these problems.

Their aim is help you keep abreast of the latest storage techniques and advances, so you can make sure your organization stays in front. So, to get on top of the high performance storage agenda, just head here.

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