Opening doors to open source development

What the Linux Foundation’s Open Programmable Infrastructure project means for the future of hardware

Webinar Open Source development hasn't been around for as long as the Ark, but it has existed for as long as software development itself. Fundamentally a cooperative venture the open source community has seen Intel involved for decades - as a core member of the Linux Foundation, a community participant and strong contributor to open source projects.

This open-handed contribution includes the development of new approaches to hardware and system choice and flexibility which make it easier for infrastructure developers and engineers to build the very best there is through the Linux Foundation's Open Programmable Infrastructure Project (OPI).

On offer is a menu of possibilities which offers everything from building frameworks to support any hardware and the foundation of a complex open application ecosystem which integrates existing open source efforts.

Join Rob Sherwood, NEX Cloud Networking Group CTO at Intel and Situation Publishing's Nicole Hemsoth in our latest webinar on 13th September at 1pm BST, 8am EDT and 5am PDT in a wide ranging discussion about everything there is to know about the present and the future of open source infrastructure programming. They will take a forensic look at the Infrastructure Programmer Developer Kit (IPDK), and what Intel sees coming down the line for the OPI.

Register for our "Making Infrastructure Programming Easy" webinar here and we will send you a reminder.

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