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Lenovo launches face-mounted monitor

Not worthy of the name 'smart glasses' and not sold outside China until 2023

Lenovo has launched a face-mounted wearable monitor.

The “Lenovo T1 wearable display” offers a pair of OLED 1920 X 1080 displays – one for each eye – in the form of a pair of glasses. Speakers are included. Here it is!

Lenovo t1 wearable display

The Lenovo T1 wearable display
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Lenovo says the device is “Compatible with many of today’s modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops with full-function USB-C” and can also be hooked up to iOS devices with the use of two adapters -one from Lenovo, another from Apple.

Windows devices are supported: you could hook this up to a laptop or desktop if it has video over USB-C capability.

Lenovo reckons punters will use the device to get the feel of a larger screen when using a smartphone or laptop, or to improve privacy by directing content into the wearable display instead of inviting shoulder surfers to have a look.

The device is Lenovo-centric, with the Chinese hardware giant’s laptops and Motorola* smartphones that include Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series processor or better currently certified to use it. The iPhone 12 and 13, and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 are also compatible. All are premium devices, suggesting the market Lenovo has in mind for the device.

PCs from other vendors will be “tested for compatibility and added over time.”

Shoppers outside China, however, must wait until 2023 to get their hands (and faces) on the device. Middle Kingdom buyers will get their chance to buy “in late 2022” at a price to be disclosed once the machine goes on sale.

Lenovo has also updated its foldable laptop, with the ThinkPad X1 Fold now offering a 2024×2560 16-inch display and an optional keyboard that “can magnetically attach to the lower half of the display for a classic laptop mode giving a full performance, 12-inch laptop experience.”

Another newbie is an enterprise Chromebox powered by 12th-gen Core i5 processors, quite an engine for ChromeOS. ®

*Lenovo owns Motorola’s smartphone biz.

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