Where does storage fit into your AI infrastructure?

Catch up on the Open Storage Summit to find out

Sponsored Post Getting the right balance of CPU, GPU, and memory is crucial to meeting today's, and tomorrow's, biggest AI and HPC challenges.

But doing that also requires having storage infrastructure and file systems which are capable of both holding and delivering the massive datasets required.

Theoretically, as storage becomes increasingly disaggregated, it should become easier to construct the optimal infrastructure for the task. If you know where to start.

But where exactly should that be? Find out by tuning into this catch up webinar on "The Unstoppable Rise of Disaggregated Storage Solutions", part of the Open Storage Summit, brought to you by Supermicro.

The Register's Tim Prickett Morgan is master of ceremonies, joined by two of the finest engineering brains working in the AI/HPC space today - Supermicro's Bill Chen, General Manager of System Product Management and Fred Huang, General Manager of Storage Solution Product Management.

Together they talk you through the most popular AI reference architectures and examine why on-prem file storage and AI systems remain the first choice for many enterprises.

They take a close look at WekaFS, highlighting what this particular filesystem does for NVMe performance and the industries and workloads it's suited for.

And they highlight how WekaFS and Supermicro's BigTwin® storage systems, powered by 3 Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processers, are increasingly displacing traditional appliance-style storage arrays for the toughest jobs.

In fact, the 2022 Open Storage Summit, brought to you by Supermicro and partners is your starting point for understanding the full range of cutting-edge storage technology available today.

Through a series of virtual sessions, you hear from expert engineers and practitioners working at the forefront of high-performance storage, all with the aim of bringing you up to speed on the state of the art so that you can continue to optimize your own storage in the coming years.

To catch up on this flow of top-notch info, just head here, register, and check out the agenda today.

Sponsored by Supermicro.

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