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Want to catch up on open-source software defined storage?

This Open Storage Summit session will open up your mind

Sponsored Post If you really care about getting the best out of your datacentre, software defined storage should be at the heart of your infrastructure strategy.

Afterall, SDS offers the prospect of vastly improved flexibility and automation whether on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud, with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors providing the perfect platform for reliable, scalable storage solutions.

But if SDS is on your agenda, how do you ensure you're not locking yourself into a single vendor's vision? And, assuming you want to take an open-source approach, how do you evaluate different components to ensure you're getting optimum performance AND flexibility?

You can find answers to those questions and more by catching up on this Open Storage Summit session on "Orchestrating open-source storage solutions for more efficient IT".

You'll hear The Register's Martin Courtney in conversation with Steven Umbehocker, Founder and CEO at OSNEXUS, alongside Supermicro's Product Director, Paul McLeod and Solution Product Manager, Sherry Lin. Together, this storage brains trust discusses open-source software-defined storage approaches, and how they can future-proof your architecture.

They'll pick apart the key issues around open-source SDS, including the benefits of scale-up versus scale-out and what this means for networking requirements, the best architectures for different use cases, such as backup and archive, and the advantages of deploying storage systems based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Everyone's starting point is different, so they cover the challenges of migrating data from legacy systems to SDS, and how you can confront them. And you'll hear an in-depth explanation of how Supermicro, Intel®, and OSNEXUS are collaborating to optimize server and storage products to give customers what they need to implement software-defined storage.

Just head here to register and listen in to "Orchestrating open-source storage solutions for more efficient IT".

And if you want to get a complete overview of what's happening in storage, now and in the future, a visit to the Supermicro 2022 Open Storage Summit is essential. Because the future of storage is wide open.

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