Harnessing data at the speed of thought

Learn how to benefit from data driven business growth

Webinar Some scientists estimate that our brains can respond to information in less than a quarter of a millisecond. Real time data (RTD) might not move at quite the same pace, but it can be close. Either way, it's here, there, serves its purpose and then it's gone.

Being able to harness that data to power recommendations and personalization, or employ up to date inventories and logistics for example, can give help a business grow its revenue and expand developer productivity.

But what are the challenges of utilizing RTD effectively? And how can you be sure that your business or organization is RTD resilient, and ready to reap the rewards it can bring?

Join The Register's Tim Phillips in discussion with Bryan Kirschner, vice president strategy from Datastax on October 5th at 2pm BST/3pm CEST to learn more. Together they will discuss the current state of play of RTD and consider how it is paying off, before examining the conclusions of Datastax's latest report: .

The latter is based on a survey of more than 500 leading technology companies and looks at the strategies they use for data in real time, and what they do to drive revenue growth. It also looks at the potential for RTD to help developers to streamline and enhance their performance.

Register for the webinar here and we'll send you a reminder, maybe even in real time.

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