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Learn fast off the blocks for software development

CI/CD benchmarks for the development of high performing teams

Webinar There are lots of theories about what it takes to build a high performing organization or team.

Some elements work, no matter what the industry or business sector. It is vital to ensure good communication, effective leadership, and continuous learning for example, as well as providing psychological support.

And in a world of increasingly complex challenges, it has never been more critical to ensure high quality software delivery and resilient, innovative engineering teams.

This makes CircleCI's benchmark report on the DevOps, practices and metrics that help to build not only better software at warp speed, but also how to sustain that high-performing team, invaluable.

Join our Regcast "CI/CD benchmarks for high-performing teams" on 29 September 12pm EDT/9am PDT/5pm BST to find out more.

You'll hear our very own Tim Phillips chatting to Ron Powell from CircleCI and Rachel Stephens from Red Monk about how CircleCI examined 55 million data points from more than 44,000 organizations and 160,000 projects to help guide team development and software delivery decisions.

Their conclusions? Prioritize readiness and be fast off the starting blocks with any challenge.It sounds simple but how to build that in that early readiness, to deploy first, fast, and more often might be more challenging than you think.

Register for the webinar here and we'll send you a reminder.

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