Your storage infrastructure is growing fast, but is it growing sustainably?

Catch up with this Open Storage Summit session to find out

Webinar Efficiency is always part of the equation as tech strategists look to meet the demand for "any app, anywhere" deployments, spanning on and off-prem environments.

But efficiency extends beyond just capacity and speed. Power budgets matter, both to the bottom line, and to how your tech operation is perceived by the world beyond your company or organization.

Which is why you should catch up with this session, examining Storage for a Digital Workspace World, which was part of the third Open Storage Summit, brought to you by Supermicro.

The Register's Commercial Editor Martin Courtney took a deep dive into hybrid multi-cloud storage provision in conversation with Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer from Nutanix and Vik Malyala, Senior Vice President of FAE & Business Development from Supermicro.

They outlined how Nutanix and Supermicro are working together to build low-latency, high performance storage solutions purposely designed to span private, public and hybrid cloud environments which enable companies to efficiently provision any app or workload from any location.

And they explained how being cloud partner agnostic goes hand in hand with a corporate philosophy that puts the customer first and finds the right balance between price, performance, and energy efficiency.

But this session is just one of many making up the Open Storage Summit, brought to you by Supermicro, and now available on catch up. This virtual conference brought together data specialists and data center application professionals.

Each session is designed to help you keep on top of the latest storage techniques and advances, so you can make sure your organization stays in front of the competition. So, if you want to see where high-performance storage is going, head here first.

Sponsored by Supermicro.

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