Keeping on top of modern apps

Securing their deployment in multiple environments doesn’t have to be a fairy tale

Webinar It might be time for a pair of mythical Seven-League Boots to keep on top of modern application deployments which span multiple edge and cloud hosting locations. If only IT managers could take such giant strides to tackle the challenge of tracking microservices which communicate through so many different APIs.

The deployment, security, interconnection, and monitoring of modern applications is a complex and relentless task but, as in all the very best fairy tales, there is help on the horizon. There are ways to simplify not only delivery but also the security of distributed applications.

Distributed application services in a SaaS-based model can benefit from services such as WAF, DDoS mitigation, bot defence and API protection to resolve the problems that many businesses and organizations face.

Join the Register's Tim Phillips and F5's Bart Salaets on 7 December 11am GMT/6am ET to hear more.

This contemporary Hansel and Gretel will expand on the challenges of microservices communicating through APIs, and the interconnection of applications deployed across different environments through multi-cloud networking capabilities. Finally, they will discuss how to deploy applications across cloud and edge environments in a distributed Kubernetes-based architecture.

Register for our "Simplify delivery and security for distributed apps" webinar here and we'll send you a reminder to wake you from your sleep.

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