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Huawei teases bonkers gadget combo

A watch that flips open to reveal tiny earbuds: what could possibly go wrong?

Have you ever left the house with your smartwatch on, but forgotten your earbuds?

Huawei has a solution to that modern crisis: Watch Buds.

As the name implies, the device is a smartwatch that incorporates earbuds.

As the video below demonstrates, the watch face flips up to reveal a pair of earbuds nestled beneath, with tiny charging contacts also on show.

YouTube Video

At this point, readers might think that the demo is so bonkers that it could be fake.

Nope. Huawei's account on Chinese Twitter-like site Weibo announced the existence of the device on Wednesday and promised all would be revealed on December 2.

But Huawei has since postponed its Winter 2022 consumer kit launch for unexplained reasons. The Register's China desk reckons that's probably a COVID-related complication.

Whatever the cause of the delay, it means The Register cannot bring you details of the Watch Buds.

We can, however, report that Huawei has created a new type of case for its Pocket S foldable smartphone, which uses the same makeup-container-like form factor as Samsung's Galaxy Flip.

Here's the bag, which we got a look at in another Weibo post.

Huawei Pocket S belt/case

Huawei Pocket S belt/case – Click to enlarge

You're looking at a bag that holds the Pocket S in its closed position and is designed to hang off a belt to which it is tethered by a leather strap.

The Weibo post includes a video depicting young women enthusiastically wearing the case and using the phone. Your correspondent interprets that as an assertion the case is fashionable and desirable.

Sadly there's no sign the case will make it outside China. Visiting the Middle Kingdom to buy either device is also nigh-on impossible given China's COVID-19 control measures include travel restrictions.

However all is not lost: reports that Huawei has sought a European trademark for "Watch Buds".

Please, Santa, work some magic so they're a candidate for a place under the tree a few weeks from now. ®

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