When timing is everything

If only Albert Einstein had been able to harness operational and analytics data in real time …

Webinar Albert Einstein is reputed to have said the only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once. But when it comes to real time applications that's often exactly what is required.

Real-time analytics is now the driving force across multiple industry segments. But the challenge remains how to find the best way to bring historical and in-the-moment data together at a single instant of optimal impact.

Organizations which can achieve that can transform their frontend application performance and get their hands on real-time insight which they can use to improve the end user and customer experience. And the way to do it might lie in a single, integrated data architecture. Einstein would have been impressed.

Join The Register's Nicole Hemsoth in conversation with Achint Shrivasta of PeerIsland and Saurabh Kumar of Google Cloud on 9 December at 7pm GMT/2pm ET/11am PT to hear more.

Together they'll explore how to bring disparate data environments together into one architecture with petabyte scale and millisecond latencies. And they'll undertake a detailed scrutiny of a real time eCommerce use case implementation which uses MongoDB Atlas, Google BigQuery, Google Vertext AI and Google Cloud Platform's Dataflow to illustrate the point.

It's a combo that can help you bring together the best of your analytics, application, data warehousing and AI/ML environments to provide faster, more accurate business insights.

Register here for our "Real time applications: Merging Operational data with Real-Time Insights" webinar and we'll send you a reminder nearer the time.

Sponsored by MongoDB (Peerisland)

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