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Computing's big question for 2023: How many more questions can we endure?

The answers aren't much fun either

Would you like to use Edge as your default browser?

How many of our cookies are you willing to tolerate?

Do you want to buy more cloud storage for your phone?

Can we move you to our subscription service?

Hi, Elon here. Should I poison public discourse based on the result of a completely unscientific and easy-to-game poll?

Are you sure you don't want to use Edge instead of Firefox or Chrome?

What is your authentication app showing right now?

What do you mean when you say: "I'm not sure subscriptions are right for our organisation"?

Do you really want to install that software you just downloaded from a source you know and trust? Why not download it from our app store so we can track you?

Will you please let this app track you so our Facebook advertising is more effective?

Also, how many of our cookies are you willing to tolerate?

GPT3: Could you tell DALL*E to draw a picture?

Are you just a bit freaked out at the possibilities that last question suggests?

Do you really want those photos to be at risk? Would you like to buy some more cloud storage?

Did you know that Edge will really make Windows sing? Will you please let us make Edge your default browser?

Why isn't there a way to prevent Microsoft ever bothering me about Edge again?

While I'm at it, why isn't there a way to tell every website in the world I only want absolutely necessary cookies?

Are any cookies really absolutely necessary anyway?

You're really happiest allocating capital to buy software licenses every three or four years instead of subscribing, increasing your ongoing expenses, and living on an upgrade treadmill?

Will you please use the weak short video sharing features we just added to Facebook that totally aren't a response to TikTok eating our lunch or an attempt to restore the potency of our advertising after Apple neutered it?

Are you sure you won't give Edge a try?

If someone in your life consistently ignored your oft-stated preferences and repeatedly nagged you to change, how long would you keep them in your life? Or would you decide they aren't worth knowing because they clearly don't listen to or respect you?

Why doesn't the software industry respect you?

Why am I so naïve as to think that digital capitalists might do the right thing?

Why don't they?

And why will they never do so?

Are you seriously suggesting some press releases about buying only renewable energy and donating computers to Africa mean tech companies aren't all that bad?

How many of our cookies are you comfortable with?

Would you like to buy some more cloud storage? Would you like it as a one-off purchase, or a subscription?

Would you like to use Edge instead of Firefox?

Why isn't everybody so tired of all these questions that things change for the better? ®

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