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Punch-drunk Apple Watch called 15 cops to a boxing workout when it heard 'shots'

Hey Siri, did you know know that swatting is a bug, not a feature?

An Australian personal trainer's Apple Watch inadvertently summoned 15 police to a suspected shooting that was nothing of the sort.

Sydney man Jamie Alleyne was running a boxing class, with a client punching away at pads on his hands. As the client pounded the pads, sufficient force was imparted to activate Apple's Siri voice assistant due to the pressure of his wrist against his watch.

Alleyne said he took off his watch because Siri kept interrupting and could not make sense of instructions he issued to his client to punch in certain combinations, like "1-1-2" – an emergency telephone number.

Those instructions included remarks about the quality of the client's "shots" – boxing parlance for punches.

Unbeknownst to Alleyne, Siri had jumped to conclusions and soon police and ambulances were swarming the gym where he plies his trade.

Alleyne posted images of the boys in blue to his Instagram. He later told Murdoch organ he has since disabled Siri on his Apple Watch.

He also remarked that he was impressed by the speed with which police appeared, even though it was an odd variety of swatting – a hacker prank that sees police needlessly summoned to attend fake emergencies.

Which leaves us with a question: Hey Siri, do you know if those officers and ambulances were needed elsewhere at the time? ®

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