Harness the power of embedded analytics

Build new revenue streams and enhance customer value with Amazon QuickSight Embedded

Advertorial Squeezing more value from your applications can benefit both you and your customers, and one way to help your product stand out in a crowded market is to offer in-app analytics.

Amazon QuickSight Embedded from Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to quickly and easily add actionable analytics to any application with customized, interactive visuals and dashboards - helping you deliver engaging end-user experiences with built-in insights.

Boost your applications with embedded analytics

With QuickSight Embedded, you can:

- Deliver more value for customers. Enhance your product quickly — just add a few lines of code to your application and offer compelling analytics right away.

- Differentiate your product. Give your product an edge over the competition by offering customers meaningful views of their data in-app, without exporting to their own systems.

- Develop new revenue streams. Expand your pricing options with custom or advanced features such as customized dashboards, author capabilities, and advanced machine learning-powered analytics.

- Go to market faster. Help your customers unlock insights and enable them to make data-driven decisions with interactive dashboards and visuals.

Get specialized support from AWS

If you build your products using QuickSight, you may be eligible for the Powered by QuickSight program. As a partner, you get access to a host of extra benefits that support you from proof of concept, to build, to go to market.

These include:

- Private strategy and development support. Connect with AWS industry experts in one-on-one sessions to determine how QuickSight can best drive value for your customers.

- Rapid proof of concept and prototype creation. Get hands-on support from AWS to build your working prototype within the Amazon Embedded Analytics Data Lab.

- Product technical assistance. Gain access to product engineering, architecture, specialists, and support teams for integration, product development, best practices, roadmaps, and post-sales support.

- Joint Powered by QuickSight launch package. Launch with joint marketing support from AWS. Gain access to special co-marketing campaigns to drive demand for your Powered by QuickSight product.

See embedded analytics in action

Interested? Join AWS in New York City on February 16, 2023 at 9:30am EST or in London on February 21, 2023 at 10am – 6pm GMT to hear more about embedded analytics and the Powered by QuickSight program (additional locations will be added at a later date).

AWS experts, strategic AWS Services Partners, and Amazon QuickSight Embedded customers will be there to demonstrate:

- Amazon QuickSight in action, including how to create and embed interactive, customized visuals and dashboards.

- Hear from customers who have used QuickSight to power their applications and see how embedded analytics helped them drive product differentiation and value and develop new revenue streams.

- How AWS supports you from build to launch and beyond.

Sponsored by AWS.

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