Scaling up impossible heights

Successfully using serverless SaaS to reap the value of transactional data

Webinar As Charles Darwin formed his theory of evolution, he noted that whether animal or human, 'those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively prevailed.' The partnership between Bud and Datastax could be a perfect illustration of that observation.

Bud wanted to accelerate its growth and have a cloud first approach but had been using machine-learning to build models to help its financial services clients to serve their customers. That meant the company would require ever more team members to keep its self-managed open-source Apache Cassandra implementation operating at an optimal level.

Having recruited Datastax to migrate its platform onto Astra DB on Google Cloud, the fintech is now operating on three continents and its product team can focus on driving growth. So collaboration has proved to be something of an evolutionary double plus.

Hear more by having a gander at our latest webinar – Can serverless SaaS scale up your business? – in which The Register's Tim Phillips gets Michael Cullum of Bud and Orme de Saint Hilaire of Datastax to explain how they did it. Want to know what Bud learned from the process? The trio summarize the challenges they faced when handling large amounts of data and reveal how Datastax Astra and GCP delivered such a rapid scale-up.

You can register and sign in to watch the webinar by clicking this link.

Sponsored by Datastax.

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