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Managing seamless retail experiences

How to support multiple customer touchpoints in a single view

Webinar There's no other industry where change is quite so constant as retail. It has always been a challenging environment where buyers and sellers alike expect to be able to conduct transactions from any location – the deck of a cruise ship, on a mountain in New Zealand, or in a basement in New York - using any device to hand. But this can be a problem for retailers who offer just a single customer touchpoint.

They could see a significant boost to their sales by bringing together multiple points of customer engagement. Services such as MongoDB's Atlas Device Sync can keep the flow of relevant data up to date across a multiple platforms, devices, users, and backend infrastructures, even when its offline.

You can watch our recent webinar in which Nicole Hemsoth of Situation Publishing and Ranjan Moses, Global Head Presales & Solutions at WeKan Enterprise Solutions discuss how retailers can accelerate and simplify development while streamlining retail operations with a single touchpoint here.

Moses explains the value of having a reactive, real-time mobile experience across devices coupled with a backend such as MongoDB Atlas while revealing what customer outcomes to expect. He also reveals how it's advantageous for retailers to have search, analytics, data transformation, and visualisation on tap in a high performance environment.

Register to watch the webinar here and you won't be disappointed.

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