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Calling all overworked DBAs: there’s another way!

Alleviate stress by migrating database management to the cloud, says OVHcloud

Sponsored Post It's a tough job being a database administrator, trusted with information which is critical to the success or failure of the organization you work for and simultaneously saddled with all the stress that comes with managing it and keeping it safe.

Assuming responsibility for the replication, backup, verification and security of the data already under your jurisdiction is enough to keep anyone up at night, and that's before we even consider the avalanche of new data that is constantly being created and absorbed into your infrastructure.

And the more time your organization spends on routine database management tasks, the less time it has available to focus on developing new applications and services that better showcase its talents and efficiency.

So wouldn't it make more sense to assign responsibility for routine administration to somebody else? OVHcloud thinks so, which is why it has built what it says is one of the largest database as a service (DBaaS) portfolios on the market.

The key benefits of OVHcloud DBaaS solution look obvious. First and foremost for all the overworked DBAs out there, it's a fully managed service. OVHcloud manages and maintains the database on its customers behalf, including setup, backup, scalability and security. And you can choose from wide range of available engines include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, OpenSearch, Grafana, Cassandra and M3DB.

Because it utilizes its own scalable public cloud infrastructure, the provider also offers simple and transparent pricing, with a flexible pay-as-you-go model that puts the customer in control and makes sure they only pay for what they consume (and no bill shock or "nasty surprises").

That trust also extends to protecting sensitive data, with OVHcloud promising never to compromise on cyber security whilst adhering to the highest security, compliance and certification standards.

You can find out more detail about what's on offer from the OVHcloud service by clicking here. Or you can jump right in and get started with a £250 worth of free credit if you apply now.

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