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Ensuring latency doesn’t slow your cache

Webinar We've all streamed a film which buffered every thirty seconds and caused us to give up ten minutes in with raised blood pressure. And the problem's not just limited to streaming.

There you are online, having found the rare thing you were searching for, but the load up to the shopping cart is so slow you could have walked to the next town and back before the transaction was complete. So if you're a web company, what can you do to ensure your cache helps applications operate at speed of light rather than wandering donkey pace?

Join the Register's Tim Phillips and Bill Schoonmaker of Redis on 21st March at 4pm GMT/12 pm EDT/9am PDT to find out.

Tim and Bill will analyze the risks of an unreliable cache. They'll help you understand how you can scale the cache with your application to eliminate the chance of incomplete transactions and abandoned shopping carts, or worse still, your application or website not working at all.

Register for our "Latency is the New Downtime" webinar here and we'll send you a reminder to drop in.

Sponsored by Redis.

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