We've got plenty of AI now but who asked for it? El Reg's vultures chime in

We each grab a mic and take apart the Bard stewards responsible for this hype

Register Kettle AI-powered chatbots are 2023's hot tech topic, although users report the results they produce are mixed. At best.

Who's who: After the intro, clockwise from the top left corner is Jessica Hardcastle, Thomas Claburn, Brandon Vigliarolo, our host Iain Thomson, and Chris Williams.

While Google has taken its Bard system public in a limited form and Microsoft has been grabbing headlines with its latest OpenAI hook-up, there's still a long way to go on trusting such systems for serious work.

For one thing, once this technology becomes pervasive, are we going to be able to detect machine-authored text? It appears not. Will that even matter?

There are profound consequences on the horizon as a result of the IT industry's rush to experiment with and hype text and content-generating systems. While it's clear that they aren't fit to replace humanity just yet, the science is progressing, and we're only really at the early stages. Where do humans fit into this? Our vultures discuss the latest AI bot news in the video above. Enjoy. ®

PS: Why Kettle? It's the collective noun for vultures in flight, which seems appropriate. Also, it's a bit like kettling some IT journos together. And it also makes us think of brewing tea.

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