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The most bizarre online replacement items in your delivered shopping?

A consumer campaign group's food hall of shame: sticky tape instead of loo rolls, dog chews for chicken breasts

What’s on your lunchtime menu today? For some poor sucker it might be toilet paper that provides the wrapping for their sandwich, or perhaps a dog chew instead of that tender grilled chicken breast they’d hoped for.

These were among some of the replacements that online grocery shoppers found in their deliveries rather than things they really wanted to buy but which were out of stock, according to a survey by consumer campaign group Which?

It collated feedback from 1,200 people's online supermarket experiences and found in 47 percent of instances customers were sent alternative goods. Online shopping can be a convenience for those with busy lives, and a godsend to anyone with mobility issues, but sometimes the unexpected items in the bagged area can leave customers scratching their head.

Who came out on top in the British survey? Six in 10 shoppers at British supermarket Asda found something they hadn't ordered in their delivery, with one hapless sort receiving toilet rolls instead of bread rolls (we see what you did there) and some picker at the supermarket deciding to replace plump chicken breasts with dog treats.

Close behind was budget German retailer Aldi, where 59 percent of web shoppers said their groceries contained substitutions. The oddest one? A bag of onions instead of a loaf of bread.

Around half of polled Sainsburys customers had shopping with replacements, the most bizarre of which was someone getting fruit instead of shoe polish and BBQ flavored crisps rather than a packet of bacon.

One unsuspecting Morrisons (51 percent) shopper reported they had a disappointed child at Easter when they were given hot dog rolls instead of an Easter Egg, and a tinfoil roll instead of a chocolate Santa was deemed an appropriate swap for another. Rolls seemed to confuse Amazon, too, as a confounded customer got Sellotape instead of loo paper.

Frozen food retailer Iceland - which has the tag "food you can trust" - supplied strawberries instead of bin bags and high end market Waitrose - deemed the best at opting for the most suitable replacement items - decided, in a moment of madness, to thrust alcohol-free vino in the carrier bag rather than the bottle of boozy wine a customer had clicked on.

Others complained of getting meat instead vegetarian or vegan alternatives and one customer received non-halal meat rather than the halal choice they made. The same was said by Which? of those with food intolerances.

This situation can be “incredibly frustrating”, said Reena Sewraz, retail editor at the campaign, who reminded consumers: “You have the right to reject substitutions at the point of delivery, or you could opt out of receiving substitutions altogether.”

Ultimately, she said, “Ask for a refund.”

So what’s the most bizarre thing to turn up in your weekly food shop? pics or it didn't happen. No you definitely ordered that, you aren't fooling any of us. ®

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