In the zettabytes zone

Realizing the potential of your data with VMware

Webinar There is an unthinkable amount of data being produced in the world - 180 zettabytes by 2025 according to Statista's projections. With so much information accruing, it would be easy to lose track or feel overwhelmed. But solutions to help you realize the potential of the data you hold and continuously acquire are available.

VMware offers a sophisticated, scalable portfolio of solutions for data management and messaging, for example. You wan watch this on-demand video to see Timothy Prickett Morgan of The Next Platform discuss these with Ivan Novick, Director of Product Management for Greenplum at VMware and Jacque Istok, VP Sales for VMware Data Solutions.

Together they explore how this data analytics platform has evolved, and is finely attuned for VMware vSphere, as well as how enterprises are taking advantage of it both on prem and in the cloud.

There's a range of options on offer which include the VMware Greenplum parallel data analytics warehouse and the VMware SQL relational database. There's also the VMware Gemfire in-memory data grid, VMware RabbitMQ messaging and streaming broker with event streaming capabilities, and VMware Data Services Manager to simplify your data operations. Additionally, VMware Data Solutions has been integrated with VMware's vSphere software virtualization stack which makes it easier to install and manage.

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