Eric Idle tells infosec world to always look on the bright side of life

Has harsh words for Python fan Musk after losing the blue tick

RSA Conference The Wednesday keynote at RSA is often not time for something completely serious, and so it was that Monty Python's Eric Idle got the assembled throng singing along to some of the troupe's most popular songs.

The comedian and composer remarked he was born Idle 80 years ago and saw no reason to give it up. But he advised attendees that they might be disappointed as, when hired for the gig, he joked it was about speaking to insecurity, not "in security," and he was only an expert in the former.

"What I don't know about cybercrime is absolutely everything," he remarked.

Eric Idle singing on stage at RSA Conference 2023

Looming ... Eric Idle on the big screen, singing during an RSA Conference keynote

But there were lessons from the Python years, he opined, in that teamwork was key to getting the right things in the script. If everyone agreed then the material got used, if not it got spiked.

Funding is also key. When EMI pulled funding from the film Life of Brian, ex-Beatle George Harrison mortgaged his house to get the money because he wanted to see the movie – what Idle called the "most expensive cinema ticket in history." It all worked out, Harrison got a bit part in the film (plus a big chunk of the profits) and "Always look on the bright side of life," has been the most requested song for UK funerals for over a decade.

Idle also had cutting words for Elon Musk, pointing out the head Twit has removed the comedian's blue checkmark despite the fact that "I've got a fucking Tesla as well!" He said he was a bit worried about "Muskolini" and was thinking about staging an intervention.

Nevertheless, it was a good-humored and popular keynote and of course Idle finished with a couple of songs and showed he could still carry a tune masterfully. ®

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