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The perils of unsupported open-source in the enterprise

Savvy IT managers can ramp up expert support provision for open-source software installations

Sponsored Post To say that Linux is now proven in the enterprise is stating the obvious: the global Linux operating system market is projected to grow from $6.27 billion in 2022 to $22.15 billion by 2029, at a more-than-brisk compound annual growth rate of almost 20 per cent.

Despite this popularity there is still a lingering misconception over the cost of open-source, especially from the non-techies amongst us. Because while It's true that open-source software itself is free, designing, installing - and most importantly supporting and managing – the systems built on that software is a complex and ongoing journey.

IT managers taking their first steps along this road can choose to standardise their open-source software stacks and partner with an expert third-party support specialist such as Tier 2 which is a Red Hat Trusted Premier Partner. Having a partner like Tier 2 on board means enterprises can get a fully-supported and integrated open-source software infrastructure which is tailored to the specific needs of their business. Tier 2 can also provide advice around Red Hat Subscriptions and products to determine which options and support are right for any specific business.

The alternative open-source route is for organisations to go it alone – backed by so-called "community support" - as they try to manage their infrastructures in-house. This means they need to be responsible for not only building systems, but also maintaining interoperability, keeping up to date with security patches and ensuring compliance. Day-to-day costs are one thing, but what happens when something goes wrong? Any IT manager who has had to bring in emergency support to fix unexpected issues will know only too well that parachuting in emergency contractors invariably results in eye-wateringly high bills. And angry bean counters.

It's because of these risks that savvy senior IT decision makers generally recognise today's complex enterprise technology ecosystems must be underpinned by robust professional support to ensure optimal operational uptime and security. Running unsupported technology in enterprise environments can leave organisations wide open to a gamut of dangers including cyber-attacks, business interruptions, and audit failures.

But going with a trusted partner and specialist consultant like Tier 2 to provide fully-supported Red Hat Subscriptions means that enterprises can be sure they are using a secure platform, backed by a team of experts who can provide assistance and support whenever needed. The benefits go beyond access to reliable technical support – they include improved vendor accountability, guaranteed provision of the latest updates/security patches and enhanced interoperability. Tier 2, the only Red Hat Middleware Premier Partner with a Container Platform Specialism, can additionally help with Middleware and OpenShift service needs - from health checks to complete installations.

Assistance in implementing and maintaining compliance with industry standards is also available, because while any sector can benefit from Red Hat Subscriptions, the option is particularly valuable for companies operating in heavily regulated industries.

So check out Tier 2 for all your Red Hat and open source needs - subscriptions, development and consultancy.

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