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When simple is strong

Innovate by standardizing on RHEL

Webinar There are times when complexity is everything - a Jackson Pollock painting, ancient lace, cryptic crossroads for example. And then there are other times when simplicity rules for speed and efficiency.

In a hybrid IT world involving a combination of new and old applications, diverse infrastructure, and multiple processes, you may be long for the kind of simplification or standardization which means you can innovate more rapidly. And in many casts, it comes down to having the right operating system no matter the direction of travel for your business.

The de facto choice for developers and IT departments historically has been Linux. But the eternal debate which sees organizations question the value of paying for 'enterprise' distributions instead of using non-paid alternatives with self support rumbles on – even more so with CentOS Linux 7 approaching its end of life in June 2024.

That's the conundrum up for discussion in our latest webinar – 'Improve your innovation in hybrid environments' – on 31 May at 11am BST/6am EDT/3am PDT. You'll hear The Register's Tim Phillips and Red Hat's Angie Li take apart the arguments for us - why we need to simplify in a hybrid world, what's the ideal path from non-paid to Enterprise distributions etc.

Li will explore approaches for simplifying your transition while Red Hat will share relevant announcements from their flagship event, Red Hat Summit held between May 23-25 in Boston.

Register to watch our Regcast here and be the first to know more.

Sponsored by Red Hat.

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