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How to improve innovation in hybrid environments

Webinar Hybrid can offer the best of worlds and the worst. It can serve up too much complexity which can slow down innovation. And if your IT world is a mix of old and new applications, diverse infrastructure, and a variety of processes, you may be asking yourself how you can simplify in order to innovate faster and more efficiently.

The answer begins with the right foundation – the operating system which serves your business needs no matter what they are.

The global de facto choice for developers and IT departments is Linux, and there has been a debate raging for some time which sees organizations question the value of paying for 'enterprise' distributions instead of using non-paid alternatives with self support. That conversation has become even more relevant as CentOS Linux 7 approaches the end of its life in June 2024.

You can hear more by joining The Register's Tim Phillips on 31 May at 11am BST/6am EDT/3am PDT as he talks to Red Hat's Angie Li about why you might need to simplify in a hybrid world. Li will also map the path from non-paid to Enterprise distributions and explore approaches for simplifying your transition.

Red Hat will be sharing relevant announcements from their flagship event, Red Hat Summit held between May 23-25 in Boston. Watch our Regcast and be the first to know more.

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