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How to stave off software supply chain attacks

Webinar A software supply chain attack is a hugely painful form of infiltration which can paralyse any business or organization. An attack like a lethal snake bite where the poison silently and swiftly infects your whole software base.

Unfortunately, the use of automated systems configuration and management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible or other DevOps solutions can help that risk spread very quickly into the heart of your application environment. Without sufficiently robust secrets management tools to lock away resources such as databases, services and servers, the risk is always present.

Click on this link to hear an in depth discussion about how Conjur Cloud and CyberArk Labs' anun can keep your software secure from software supply chain incidents and help your DevOps ad management team sleep at night.

With so many bad actors and threats in the wild, keeping a software supply chain attack at arms' length is quite a challenge. That's why it's vital to enable strong secrets management that can separate secrets from DevOps tools and show full visibility for audits whilst simultaneously keeping those secrets rotated and active.

Access our "DevOps Tools are the Weak Link for Software Supply Chain Security: Here's a Fix" webinar here and you won't be disappointed.

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