The age of AI

Scaling up AI Initiatives to SuperPOD levels

Webinar The question dominating the media is how do we all exist alongside and move forward with AI? What does it mean for every business and organization across all vertical sectors and industries? And is it a stark, binary choice between adopting AI or embracing the risk of falling behind?

Whatever the answer to that question may be, there's no doubt the complexities of building and deploying AI-enabled solutions present a challenge for businesses which need to work out what their IT teams need to support this evolution.

As with any pioneering venture, it helps to have experts on hand. So it's fortunate that VAST Data is keen to demonstrate how resilience, efficiency and simplicity are key elements to that transformation, and show how NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD can help deliver maximum return on AI investments.

Join the Register's James Hayes on 8 June 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT in conversation with VAST Data's Jeff Denworth, Co-Founder and CMO, and Jan Hiechler, International Alliances Lead as they explain why a purpose-built AI data platform is the ideal tool for the job.

A single misstep can hinder enterprise AI adoption, so learning how to scale up, simplify and streamline AI operations using the capabilities of your current IT team is critical.

Sign up to our latest webinar – "12 Reasons Why Your AI Initiatives Need VAST Data for NVIDIA SuperPOD" here and we'll send you a reminder when its time to watch.

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