AICTO and Huawei promote IPv6 development in the Arab region

Delivering key capabilities for future digital transformation

Advertorial AICTO (Arab Information & Communication Technologies Organization) and Huawei last week signed a memorandum of understanding on joint innovation in IPv6/IPv6 Enhanced at MWC Shanghai 2023. This collaboration aims to accelerate the deployment of IPv6 in the Arab region through various initiatives such as the IPv6 Industry Summit, talent cultivation, technology application innovation competition, and the operation of the Arab IPv6 Council.

The signing ceremony was attended by H.E. Eng. Mohamed Ben Amor, Director General of AICTO, and Ryan Qiu, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is considered the next-generation Internet upgrade and evolution. Its development will drive digital transformation across multiple fields and serve as a new avenue for global digital technology innovation. The Arab region has witnessed significant progress in IPv6 deployment, offering ample opportunities for innovation and application.

AICTO, as a cross-regional government ICT organization of the League of Arab States (LAS), plays a crucial role in strategic planning, cooperation, talent cultivation, and policy coordination among Arab countries in the ICT field.

To promote regional digitalization and expedite IPv6 deployment in the Arab region, AICTO and Huawei have collaborated over the past few years, resulting in fruitful outcomes. They have organized several Arab-Africa Regional IPv6 Industry Summits, released the "Arab-Africa IPv6 Development White Paper 2023," and facilitated the establishment of the Arab IPv6 Council. In May 2023, AICTO and Huawei engaged in high-level discussions on IPv6 joint innovation and talent cultivation during the SAMENA Leaders' Summit 2023.

Building upon their successful cooperation, AICTO and Huawei officially signed a memorandum of understanding on IPv6/IPv6 Enhanced joint innovation at MWC Shanghai 2023.

AICTO and Huawei Signed the Joint Innovation Memorandum of Understanding

AICTO and Huawei Signed the Joint Innovation Memorandum of Understanding - Click to enlarge

Their future endeavors include organizing regional IPv6 industry summits, publishing regional IPv6 white papers to guide technology innovation and development, hosting regional IPv6 technology application innovation competitions, facilitating IPv6 training and talent cultivation, and jointly establishing an IPv6 certification framework. Huawei, as a strategic partner, will support the operations of the Arab IPv6 Council.

During the signing ceremony, H.E. Eng. Mohamed Ben Amor emphasized that breakthroughs and innovations in IPv6/IPv6 Enhanced technologies will be pivotal for future digital transformation. He expressed confidence that the collaborative innovation between AICTO and Huawei will strongly advance IPv6 development and ensure successful digital transformation in the Arab region.

Ryan Qiu, on behalf of Huawei, reiterated their commitment to continuous innovation and breakthroughs in IPv6/IPv6 Enhanced. Huawei will provide leading intelligent IP network technologies, products, and solutions based on their extensive commercial experience and talent cultivation expertise. Working closely with AICTO, Huawei aims to promote the rapid development of IPv6 applications and innovations in the Arab region.

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